Asbestos Abatement Projects

Contracted Thru – State Louisiana Divisions of Facilities
Contract Value $5,000,000.00
CCI completed the asbestos abatement and demolition of the 17 story 680,000 sq ft. Pallas Hotel located in New Orleans LA. The project consisted of: removong interior walls, floor tile, pipe insulation, water proofing, roofing and caulking around the windows that tested positive for asbestos containing materials. After the building was abated, CCI then prepared the building for implosion by completing the necessary interior and exterior demolition. It took 400 lbs of explosives and 8 seconds to bring down the building that stod 35 feet from Interstae 10. All adjacent structures were left in place with no resulting damage.

Aboveground Storage Tank, Piping and Building Insulation Asbestos Abatement located in Greenville, SC

This project involved removal of asbestos containing above ground storage tank insulation from three tanks, associated pipe and pipe fitting insulation’s and a pump house exterior foam/mastic insulation. As a result of the work areas location CCI provided our own electrical power and water for the project. The project also included a substantial amount of vegetation removal to access each work area. Once the work access route was cut CCI utilized a small four wheel drive vehicle to transport equipment & materials to the work area(s) and the subsequent waste back out. This vegetation material was run through a wood chipper at the site and the subsequent green waste (wood chips) were disbursed around the project site and left to mulch. This reduced project costs by eliminating trucking and landfill fees. The following approximate quantities of materials were removed as part of this project:

  • Project Duration:
  • 6 days
  • Industrial Hygienist:
  • CB&I
  • Project labor:
  • 1 Supervisor and 6-8 Laborers
  • Project Contact:
  • CB&I
  • Contract Amount:
  • $ 31,349.59
  • Tank Insulation
  • 4,300 SF
  • Pipe and Pipe Fitting Insulations
  • 695 LF
  • Exterior Foam/Mastic Insulations
  • 892 SF

Project Photographs

Storage Tank & Pipe Insulation Abatement
Storage Tank & Pipe Insulation Abatement
Foam Insulation Removal from Storage Building. Work was performed on staged hillside.
Foam Insulation Removal from Storage Building. Work was
performed on staged hillside.


CCI completed the building dismantlement, demolition and abatement of the 11 story concrete and steel building. This was a closely coordinated project between the asbestos and universal waste abatement, the dismantling of the top floors and the demolition down to the remaining structural frame while the renovation trades worked on adjacent floors. Project consisted of numerous hours of dismantling and rigging operations of the top floors and penthouses. Saw cutting and removal of select load bearing columns and slabs. All asbestos, lead and universal wastes were removed while still maintaining a strict recycling requirement.

With a scope of work as follows for the 115,000 sf structure:

  • Asbestos abatement of floor tile and mastic, ceiling texture, mastic adhesives and pipe insulation all through out the structure.
  • Complete dismantle and removal of the eleventh floor and penthouse structures.
  • Interior demolition of all finishes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection equipment.
  • Removal of all exterior walls, elevators, stair wells and shafts.
  • Removal of exterior site paving, courtyard structures and planters.

Parktowne Terrace Apartments Located at 5800 Fairview Road in Charlotte, NC

This project involved removal of both asbestos containing materials and select demolition services. The project was multi-phased and involved both interior and exterior work.

  • Project start: March 12, 2012
  • Project Completion: November 5, 2012
  • Industrial Hygienist: ECS Carolinas
  • General Contractor: Shiel Sexton
  • Project Labor: 1 Supervisor and 16 Laborers (adjusted accordingly by phase)
  • Project Contact: Mr. John Dewalt-Shiel Sexton (704)679-3480
  • Contract Amount: $430,586.14

The following asbestos containing materials were removed as part of this project:

  • 1. Floor Tile and Assciated Mastics
  • 2. Roof Mastics
  • 3. Transite Panels (contained within window frames)

The following exterior select demolition was performed:

  • 1. Front Entry Canopy
  • 2. Sidewalks and Small Retaining Walls
  • 3. Some Exterior Brick Veneer and Minimal Masonry Saw Cutting

The following interior select demoliton materials were removed as part of this project:

  • 1. Drywall Walls and Ceilings
  • 2. Carpet and Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • 3. Doors and Door Frames
  • 4. Handrails and Store Fronts
  • 5. Restroom Components (i.e. toilets, sinks/vanities, tubs, shower, enclosures etc.)
  • 6. Wallpaper
  • 7. Shaft Wall Enclosurs

Asbestos Removal and Structual Demolition

  • 1229 Greenwood Cliff RD Charlotte, NC
  • $150,000.00
  • Owner: Charlotte Real Estate Ass.
  • CCI – Contractor
  • 5. Restroom Components (i.e. toilets, sinks/vanities, tubs, shower, enclosures etc.)
  • Scope Summary: The removal of positive identified asbestos containing material (roof flashing, floor tile, carpet and black mastic), The demolition of structure, leaving 1st floor slab and retaining wall.

WCU Harrill Residence Hall

  • GC – New Atlantic Contracting
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Western Carolina University Cullowhee, NC
  • $209.000.00
  • CCI successfully removed asbestos containing materials in floor tiles, mastic, ceiling surfacing, pipe insulation, pipe elbows and tank insulation in the Harrill Hall Residence. Demolition was completed on walls, ceilings, light fixtures, doors, carpet, ceramic tile, radiators, louvers, windows throughout the residence. In addition to the interior demolition work, exterior sidewalks and walkways were also removed.

Arly Manufacturing Building; Mathews NC

  • 10701 Monroe Rd Mathews, NC
  • $640,000.00
  • Scope Summary: Complete asbestos abatement on 60,090 sqft of asbestos containing floor tile and drywall. Complete demolition of 250,000 sqft manufacturing building.

AHampton Forest Apartments located in Greenville, South Carolina

img-49This was a two story building which comprised of 40 apartment units, corridors and other common areas. This building had detectable levels of asbestos in the acoustical spray applied ceiling, drywall joint compound on ceilings and walls and multi-layer flooring materials located in the kitchens, restrooms and common laundry rooms. This facility was severely damaged by a fire that broke out in the end of the building which affected units 101 through 106 on the 1st floor and 201 through 206 on the second floor. These units were damaged beyond repair and as such were demolished leaving the concrete slab. All demolished materials were direct loaded into lined waste containers and disposed of as asbestos containing/contaminated. The adjoining demolished units (107, 108, 207 & 208) had all of the drywall (walls & ceilings) and multi-layer flooring removed leaving the framing. This allowed for further investigation by the project engineer to determine structural soundness. In these units a combination of ceiling, lower 4 feet of walls and multi-layer flooring were abated utilizing full negative pressure containments and wet methods. The waste generated as part of this process was bagged and properly disposed of. CCI worked with the City of Greenville to obtain proper permits and subcontracted with Britt, Peters and Associates, Inc. to prepare the site erosion control plan which we installed and maintained for the duration of the project. S&ME of Greenville, SC provided air monitoring for the project. There were approximately 18 employees on site for a period of 60 days Project Value: $ 198,030.00