Industrial Blasting

Fast turn-around’s and quality of service requires experience and the right technologies to stay on demanding schedules. Whether in a plant, on the water or along a pipeline, CCI offers a comprehensive line of Industrial services to meet our customer’s needs. CCI’s highly qualified personnel uses a variety of innovative technologies to complete our customer’s projects.

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Surfacing Blasting Services

CCI offers surface blasting services from a variety of different blasting machines. Our Ice, farrow, and sponge blasting machines allow CCI to cover large, small, industrial, and residential project with ease. Our Blasting technicians training, experience, and certifications allow CCI to execute project that involve lead, mold, and other hazardous substances. Whether it is an industrial cleaning situation or a residential mold project, CCI has the proper blasting equipment to successfully perform any task. CCI owns multiple units of ice blasters, sponge blasters and media blasting machines. All of our surfaces cleaning technicians go through rigorous training on all of our blasting equipment before they are sent out in the field. Each technician is well trained and up to date on all current regulations and trends.

Sand Slurry Blasting

The Farrow System is a revolutionary, environmentally safe, and cost-effective surface cleaning method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation, and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them. Developed to efficiently remove coatings from fiberglass boat hulls without damaging delicate gelcoats, The Farrow System is equally effective for cleaning projects ranging from removing durable industrial coatings to cleaning fragile historic surfaces during restorations.

The Farrow System is chemical-free, fast-acting, and controlled. It is a low dust blasting system, using water to control airborne particulates. The water suspends the abrasive media in the cleaning stream and reduces the dispersal of airborne particles. Water consumption during blasting is very low – typically 1 pint per minute.

Cryogenic Dry Ice Blasting

Cryogenic Dry Ice Blasting is a fast, easy and cost-effective cleaning technology that uses dry ice to clean surfaces without damaging equipment or creating secondary waste. The technology provides a powerful cleaning solution for a variety of applications ranging from heavy slag removal to delicate semi-conductor and circuit board cleaning. Fire damaged brick and wood, or mold remediation is ideal for this application. Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning process, environmentally-friendly, and introduces no moisture to the project area.

Sponge Blasting

Sponge Blasting is an innovative, dry, low dust process requiring minimal containment and reduced downtime. Sponge Media is recyclable and consists of different sizes and grades of abrasives for use on surfaces ranging from the toughest to the most sensitive. The sponge media is an open-celled, water based polyurethane impregnated with aluminum oxide abrasives. The soft blasting media flattens on impact exposing the abrasive. After leaving the surface, the media constricts pulling and encapsulating what would normally have become airborne contaminants.


CCI’s Industrial Services Division provides reliable, cost saving hydro-blasting, jet roding and high pressure water lancing services up to 20,000 psi. Our professionals combine specialty tips and nozzles to handle virtually any type of project from the smallest heat exchanger to the largest condenser and utilizing. Hydro-blasting is extremely effective in cleaning the interiors of tanks, vats, and other containers not suited for other conventional cleaning methods.

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