CCI’s environmental remediation staff has extensive experience in developing programs and processes, which include appropriate corrective action plans that provide our clients with cost-effective solutions.

Through the use of sound remedial management methods, technical expertise, and regulatory awareness, CCI is able to provide our clients with the services needed and the confidence in knowing that their concerns are being met. The experience and advanced technology CCI utilizes is unsurpassed in the field of environmental remediation.

CCI’s environmental remediation management team has a combined experience of more than 50 years. In addition, each of our supervisors, technicians, and management staff have certifications, in numerous types of environmental fields.

CCI’s Environmental Remediation Services Include:

  • Environmental Civil Construction
  • AST/UST Removal
  • Capping and Closure
  • Chemical/Thermal Treatment
  • Diversion Structures
  • Landfill Waste Removal
  • Soil Remediation
  • Excavation

CCI has over 30 years of experience in the environmental remediation industry since its establishment in 1989. Since inception, CCI has successfully performed hundreds of environmental remediation projects, including large projects such as the Ward Transformer Superfund Project Removal Action, SCANA Manufactured Gas Plant soil remediation, and the Cliffside Landfill remediation for the NC DEQ, and has effectively addressed clients’ environmental concerns by catering our services based on the specific needs of each individual client.

CCI provides the most complete, quality oriented environmental services in the remediation market. We strive to provide the highest quality services to our clients. Our remediation staff regularly attends training seminars and invests hundreds of hours in advanced training courses across numerous disciplines. This instruction allows our personnel to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulations and industry trends. Our dedication to providing skilled, educated, and safety-conscious personnel allows us to react rapidly to any environmental situation with confidence.

CCI regularly works with environmental consultants, general contractors and subcontractors on detailed high profile remediation projects in conjunction with applicable state and federal regulatory agencies and programs including NC DEQ, SCDHEC, VA DEQ, DSCA, RCRA, and CERCLA to help develop and implement cleanup plans. We have worked for large retailers, energy providers, county municipalities, and major commercial builders.

CCI’s remediation team includes seasoned environmental professionals with backgrounds in geology, chemistry, environmental sciences, vapor barriers, estimating, project management, construction, and heavy equipment operation. CCI’s estimators, project managers, and superintendents have 75+ combined years of experience in the remediation field. This combined experience and industry knowledge helps CCI to be one of the leaders in the remediation contracting industry.

CCI ’s environmental remediation services include:

  • Environmental civil construction
  • AST/UST closures
  • Capping and closure
  • Chemical/thermal treatment of soils
  • In- situ and ex-situ solidification & stabilization of soils
  • landfill waste removal
  • Brownfields site remediation
  • Industrial cleaning and decontamination
  • Non- hazardous and hazardous waste management and characterization
  • Lagoon cleanouts/repairs & replacements
  • Soil remediation for petroleum, chlorinated solvents, metals and other types of contamination
  • Confined space tank cleaning
  • Wastewater sludge solidification and disposal
  • Soil excavation, transportation & disposal
  • Vacuum truck services
  • Soft digging
  • Dewatering
  • Stormwater diversion structures/E&SC measures