Industrial Blasting Projects

Farrow-system concrete Blasting 

NCDOT graffit removal projects

Since approximately 2010, the NCDOT has contracted with CCI to remove graffiti from bridges, underpasses, signs, sound walls, roads, billboards, and other structures across the state of North Carolina. Below are some pictures that show how easily CCl’s Farrow-System blasters with dry ice media can remove graffiti.

Cargill Bin 53 AST lead-based paint blasting

CCI removed lead-based paint from a 4,000 SF surface area on a 30,000 SF above ground storage tank. After blasting the tank, CCI pressure washed the tank to ensure that no blasting media was left on the tank. Analytical data was used to determine the waste could be disposed of as non hazardous.

Surface Cleaning/Blasting various materials

Farrow-system Blasting Videos

Dry Ice Blasting Videos

Sponge Blasting Videos