Lead Abatement projects

Chemical Company, lead-based paint abatement, Mt. Holly, NC

This project involved the removal of lead-based paint from an outside canopy and support columns utilizing needle guns equipped with an explosion-proof, HEPA-filtered vacuum collection system. This was due to the close proximity to volatile storage tanks containing ethylene oxide. Non-sparking needles were used in the removal of the lead-based paint.

cargill bin 53 ast lead-basd paint abatement

CCI removed lead paint from a 4,000 SF surface area on a 30,000 SF above ground storage tank. After blasting the tank, CCI pressure washed the tank to ensure that no blasting media was left on the tank. Analytical data was used to determine the waste could be disposed of as non hazardous.

525 Lady Street, Rooms #2 and #15 lead-based paint abatement, columbia, SC

This project consisted of the following: setting up containment and ensuring a safe blasting area, removing lead-based paint from a brick surface in two rooms using farrow blasting machines, and disposal of the remaining contaminated lead paint chips.

Historic oakwood Home lead-based paint removal, Raleigh, NC