environmental remediation Projects

Swannanoa DJJDP Property Landfill Remediation, Swannanoa, NC

Swannanoa DJJDP Property Landfill was a project managed under the NC DEQ Pre-Regulatory Landfill Unit. This landfill remediation was performed under the oversight of an environmental consulting firm and was approximately a 6 acre site. CCI performed clearing and grubbing, constructed an access road, installed E&SC features, relocated waste onsite, installed a marker layer, backfilled, capped with clay soil and restored with hydroseeding. 

paga MIne remediation, cartersville, ga

CCI performed this project for Halliburton with a contract value of $4M.  CCI excavate 30,000 CY of lead and cadmium contaminated soils from the mine site.  CCI power-screened impacted soils through 3/4 inch screen. A total of 28,000 cy of screened soils were stabilized onsite in a pug mill with triple super phosphate (TSP).  Upon stabilization, soils were relocated and placed onsite.  Any remaining hazardous heavy metals were characterized, manifested and transported to Emelle, AL RCRA Subtitle C facility for disposal. 

Power Utility Steam Station, oil/water separator removal, soil remediation and new installation, nc

CCI removed and cleaned out a 20,000-gal oil/water separator (OWS) located along a steep river bank.  CCI installed a guide rail shoring system in order to complete the removal and installation.  A bypass was constructed for stormwater to divert water around the work area.  CCI excavated, transported and disposed of approximately 900 tons of petroleum-contaminate soils.  A new pre-fabricated OWS was installed with a crane and CCI prepared the tank bed.  Two junction boxes were installed to tie into the existing stormwater drainage and a boulder wall was installed and the river bank slope stabilized.

Power Utility Steam Station petroleum-contaminated soils remediation, Mt. Holly, NC

As part of decommissioning activities for a large power utility’s Steam Station in central NC, with oversight through the environmental consultant, CCI excavated, transported, and disposed offsite of approximately 13,000 tons of petroleum-impacted soils, creosote timber piles, and concrete at former Combustion Turbine and AST areas located at this facility. The work also included the installation of E&SC measures, the removal and disposal of asbestos-wrapped fuel oil piping, wastewater transportation and disposal, breaking off and disposing of a thick concrete foundation for a former transformer, placing and compacting structural backfill, grading, and site restoration.

Landfill Design and Construction, Ft. Rucker, AL

CCI was awarded a Performance-Based Contract (PBC) for environmental restoration services at the U.S. Army Aviation Center at Ft. Rucker. The scope of services included the design and implementation of a 30-acre former landfill cap (SWMU 2d). CCI developed a Corrective Measures Implementation Plan for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management; submitted the NOR permit; prepared a Construction Best Management Practices Plan for the landfill cover and borrow source.

jacksonville fl naval air station refueling terminal remediation

CCI was awarded a $2M remediation project at Jacksonville NAS which involved the abatement and demolition of an underground fueling terminal (Jet-A fuel).  The project included the removal of asbestos from aboveground piping, the removal of two 50K gal USTs (jet fuel vaults) and associated piping, the excavation, transportation and disposal of 10K tons of jet fuel impacted soils.  The work was conducted at an active airfield with high security requirements.

Power Utility MGP Site coal-tar residuals contaminated soils Remediation, Spartanburg, SC

CCI performed remediation of a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site located in Spartanburg, SC under the oversight of an environmental consultant, which was impacted with coal tar residual liquids and sludge in site soils on a creek floodplain. CCI excavated and removed an estimated 6,700 tons of coal-tar impacted soils and debris from the approximately 2.5 acre site. Impacted materials were manifested and transported to a Subtitle D landfill that accepted special waste. The project also included installation of E&SC measures, construction of gravel access roads, clearing, removal of overburden, pumping of impacted groundwater and sludge, onsite water treatment and discharge under NPDES, installation of trench boxes, installation of an HDPE infiltration gallery monitoring well network, backfilling and compaction, amended backfill placement with sand, granular activated carbon and Tersox, placement of topsoil, hydroseeding.

Construction of Engineered Caps, Mt. Pleasant, TN

CCI was contracted for the construction of engineered caps over former phosphorus burial areas. The project was divided into multiple Contractual Areas. By dividing the Contractual areas, the onsite environmental consultant was able to manage the logistics to multiple work sites requiring the same fill soil and haul roads. Following site preparation, CCI personnel placed fill to bring the surface to cap elevations; placed a clay barrier layer; placed vegetative soil cover; re-vegetated disturbed areas; performed installation and maintenance of soil and erosion re-vegetated surfaces; and provided surface drainage improvements.

PSNC Site #2 MGP Facility coal-tar residual contaminated soils, Raleigh, NC

CCI excavated, loaded, transported and disposed of 10,200 tons of coal-tar residual contaminated soil from this Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site. CCI also contained, transported and disposed of 20,700 gallons of impacted water. To complete the project, CCI imported over 10,125 tons of fill material, backfilled, compacted and restored the site.

Landfill Gas Cut-Off Trench, Eastern NC

CCI installed an approximately 160’ length landfill gas cut-off trench at a closed MSW landfill in Eastern NC near a landfill property boundary to monitor and vent landfill gas. The work included E&SC measures, excavation and benching of an estimated 7,500 tons of soil, anchor trench installation, installation of a 45 mil HDPE liner and geocomposite layer, gravel-filled upper layer wrapped with geotextile, perforated HDPE piping and solid pipe vent risers with wind-driven turbines, backfilling, compaction and site restoration. Installed to a depth of approximately 30’ bgs. The project resulted in the mitigation of methane gas leaving the property boundary through site soils.

Stormwater Lagoon Cleanout, Central NC

CCI completed the cleanout of accumulated non-hazardous sediments in an industrial wastewater and stormwater lagoon at compressed gas plant in Central NC. CCI provided water pumping and temporary storage for the plant to keep all operations functional while the work was being conducted. CCI solidified the non hazardous lagoon sediments in-place with wood flour and loaded the solidified sediments and overgrown vegetation into trucks for offsite disposal at an MSW landfill. The lagoon banks were restored with seed/straw and matting. The inlets were also restored with additional riprap and ABC stone.

Cliffside Mills Landfill Remediation, Mooresboro, NC

Cliffside Mills Landfill remediation was conducted under the oversight of an environmental consultant as part of the North Carolina Pre-Regulatory Landfill Program which included clearing and grubbing of an abandoned 11 acre landfill, along with sub-grade preparation and excavation/relocation of 12,500 cy of on-site debris. The Site Restoration Phase included importing and placement of 16,000 cy of backfill material along with detailed E&SC features and grading, placement of debris marker layer, seeding, matting, and mulching. Final Phase included removal of all sediment ponds and other E&SC items, extension of a riprap drainage channel, seeding, matting, and mulching. CCI has performed approximately 12 pre-regulatory landfill cleanup jobs to date.

petroleum contaminated soil remediation, Jacksonville, FL

CCI excavated 500 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil at a building to the horizontal and vertical limits delineated by the client. The project included loading of contaminated soils, traffic control measures and backfilling to grade, and achieving the specified compaction standards for the site. CCI excavated and loaded approximately 600 tons of soils from an old service station excavation in the general location.

The project involved TPH and PAH contaminants. Several underground utilities were not marked; therefore, personnel performed surgical excavation of underground utilities.

Ward Transformer superfund Site Remediation/Demolition, Morrisville, NC

For this multi-year $20M (CCI) EPA Superfund site, CCI performed the excavation, power screening, and solidification of over 400,000 CY of PCB-impacted soils as part of the Phase I Emergency Removal Action Plan (RAP). Soils were either thermally treated on-site or transported to Subtitle C or D landfills based on the concentrations. CCI was also responsible for the designing and implementation of a storm water and erosion control plan for the 20+ acre site which contained multiple streams, crossed beneath highways and was partially on RDU Airport property and Estes Trucking property. Other major tasks included clearing and grubbing, multiple buildings abatement and demolition, UST and AST removals, E&SC measures, stream restoration and site restoration. CCI worked closely with the general contractor, subcontractors, the EPA, the environmental consultants and the PRP Groups involved.

power utility coal Ash Stockpile remediation, nc

Below are a few before and after photos of CCI’s coal stockpile runoff remediation project. This project included 6 acres of clearing, grubbing, and grinding trees.  CCI excavated, transported, and disposed of approximately 7,350 tons of coal, soil, vegetative debris, and trees that were impacted. 6,000 tons of coal was screened and washed for re-use by our client onsite. CCI also jetted and vacuumed out a 300’ long 48″ corrugated metal drainage pipe full of coal and sludge beneath the facility railroad. The construction of drainage swales and E&SC features were completed by CCI. CCI also matted and hydro seeded on this project. CCI finished this project 3 weeks ahead of schedule.