Mold Abatement

South Seas Resort, Captiva Island, FL

The 2004 storms that devastated the Florida coast created damage along many coastal communities. The South Seas Resort was especially hard hit with a complete shutdown of resort operation. CCI was contracted to perform the microbial removal of 110 condominium units, 12 retail locations, a fitness club, 30 resort housing units, a restaurant, and several miscellaneous use buildings located on the resort property. CCI’s scope included complete interior demolition, microbial removal including sanitation, and encapsulation. All work was performed using negative pressure containments. CCI worked as an extension of the site management team, providing direction and management of this portion of the work. CCI’s project team completed the project ahead of schedule with zero safety incidents.

Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Center, Anniston, AL

As a subcontractor to Shaw E&I, CCI responded under an emergency response scenario to aid in the build-out of former military dormitories to house 2,000 Hurricane Katrina evacuees. CCI mobilized management personnel within 13 hours of the initial request for response and within 48 hours mobilized 240 removal technicians to perform the mold removal of more than 600,000 square feet of living space. The work included the removal of mold within two dormitories, two kitchens, four meal-serving areas, the education building, a medical clinic, and a gymnasium. In addition to the surface area mold removal, CCI managed the removal of mold and the cleaning of the HVAC systems throughout the facilities. The original three-week schedule was compressed to one week. CCI maintained the schedule and completed all tasks ahead of schedule and budget.

Darlington High School Mold Remediation, Darlington, SC

Darlington High School in Darlington, SC opened up their doors two days before school started and discovered extensive mold growth throughout the school. CCI moved quickly and efficiently to abate the mold in the high school through ice blasting techniques and removing contaminated drywall. CCI was able to work with the high school staff to quickly open sections of the school so that classes could resume on time.

Building 487 Mold Remediation, Pope Air Force Base, NC

Building 487 is a hotel utilized to house Air Force personnel during assignments at Pope AFB (currently known as Pope Army Air Field). A water pipe burst on a weekend and was not discovered until early the next Monday morning. CCI was contracted to complete the mold remediation of this facility and to prepare the facility for renovations. This project included the removal, cleaning, and storage of the salvageable hotel furniture.

Mold Abatement photos

CCI has assisted numerous entities with mold abatement concerns including:

  • Flood-Impacted Areas
  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities
  • Historic Facilities
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Hospitals and Universities
  • Residential Facilities